Removing my name from my referral link


I’ve been writing a blog for a while and wanted to do a post on Monzo which would include my referral link.

The issue is that when someone clicks on the link my full name is shown on the Monzo landing page.

Is there any way of generating a link that does let shown my name when users click on it? Maybe I’m just being over sensitive but I don’t like the idea of having my name up in lights from referrals that I’m likely not to know.


I could be wrong, but isn’t the idea behind the referral link that you know the person you are referring (rather than simply putting it out there online for randoms to find)?


Maybe ask the coops?
Maybe it could have a website name instead

I’m pretty sure this is correct, and I recall reading that your referral link must be some form of your actual name. So could be your full name, or a short hand for your name, but could not be a nickname or anything like that.

Isn’t that the link rather than the referral link?


Oh yh… doh! :man_facepalming:

(Ignore my previous post)

Hey @nickh, yeah I’m sure it probably is.

I guess im just thinking that, through the blog. I have the possibility of driving new users from people that I don’t know as well.

And I was just wondering whether the landing page could not include me name on it. Or, as some else mentioned, be changed to the name of the website.

Yeah, I can see why that would work for your situation.

But I wonder if Monzo would prefer this didn’t happen, to keep the referral for “friends” as such, and not just a spammy type generic link.

I’ve seen a few of these referrals pop up on eBay, selling for £5! :joy:

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Not quite what ur after but an option :wink:

Shit, really? People are selling £5 referrals on eBay?

Ok, fine - some people.

I like to think that I’m providing some value albeit to a completely ridiculous small amount of people. Plus, outside of that, I’d suggest that as long as people are opening up accounts, Monzo aren’t going to particularly mind where they come from … although obviously people from my blog are lovely, high quality/value people :slight_smile:

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