Are you a content creator looking to get paid from your work?

We’re looking for people to help trial a new way for the consumers of your content to easily give back :tada:

Add a small banner to the bottom of your blog or website to allow users to easily donate, direct into your Monzo account. This is a beta test, meaning that there may be some bugs and a limit you can receive in donations will be capped at £1000 per month.

This is still very much a work in progress but we are thinking something along the lines of this. We are also open to suggestions and feedback.

If you are interested in testing and giving feedback on this product, this we would love to hear from you. Let us know below and we’ll be in touch.

Update: We’ve made a V1. Please test it out!

Update: We’d love to hear which platform you’d use this on. Please vote below!


This is interesting. Would people from the US be able to donate?

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I’d love to be involved in this :slight_smile:

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Me too

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I’d also love to be involed in this! Make my living from Patreon - but also YouTube videos and podcasts. Would love to know more. Thanks x

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This sounds really interesting and something I’d love to try out on my website.

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I’d love to try this out!

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yep i’m down. add me in! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to add it to my blog :joy: But I doubt I’d get any donations :see_no_evil:


Absolutely love this idea. I run a music publication and I currently use ‘buy me a coffee’ to take donations which uses a stripe payment and then sends to paypal. Straight to Monzo would be so much easier! (better looking too). How do I use it??

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Yeah count me in!

Ooh would love to see how this works- would it be useable for people overseas also or just within the UK?

YAS. This is amazing!

I like the idea, but it would just be a link on Twitter if anything (I’ve also got to weigh up whether asking people to donate for making my volunteer radio show would be something people would be into or not…).

EDIT: Oh if you can get it to go into a specific pot, I’d appreciate it. If I could keep the amounts received separate then I could use them for specific things rather than just bundled with the rest of the money I sometimes have :rofl: (I could do this manually but automatic distribution to pots would be super useful)


Would love this for my interiors blog :muscle:

Brilliant! Please count me in.

Sounds handy. Is this different to I just share my link any place where I want to solicit donations.

I’d be game, would be great to be able to tag it from which site though. I run a number of small community groups, and getting donations would be awesome! Even better if directly into pots!

It would be good if I could add this as a donation thing to my open source development stuff :smiley:

Would love to get involved