Remove pot transfers from trend data

Currently, I can be looking through my trends page and it’ll show money coming in to my account or money going out when it’s really just being transferred to another pot.

I’d like to have an option that gives an overview of my whole account and only classes money in and out as money that has actually left my account or come in from external…

You can deselect the pots.

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So, I’ve only got the one selected, my main account. As you can see it shows money coming in but in my statements it’s just internal transfers

I get what you’re saying here - that you want your main account and all associated pots to be ‘grouped’ as one. But they aren’t. A pot ring-fences funds away from your main account and therefore is treated externally to your main account. For good reason. They are treated as another account, without actually being another account. They are safe places to stash funds. And so, as far as reporting is concerned, they aren’t included in your main account. If you look in your Pot(s) feed(s), you’ll see corresponding income/outgoing transactions to match.

Such pots are included on your statements, shown almost as different accounts - all transfers between your main account and pots are accounted for.

Trends will allow you to see a ‘selectively grouped’ report by selecting the main account and the desired pot(s)

I think if you want an “overview of my whole account and only classes money in and out as money that has actually left my account or come in from external” then you need to select your account and all pots from the filter menu.

The balances and graphs can look a bit weird when you deselect pots, I think I sort of alluded to this issue in my post here: Better way to balance your money in Trends is here ⚖️ - #284 by Lewis_P

My proposed solution was to add additional filters to make it easier to select or deselect all pots, perhaps with some tool tips to explain what the presets will show you. I guess what you’re asking for here, is more about being able to hide/exclude spending categories (such as tranfers) from the trends and balance figures. It might work but I think its going to get messy and confusing pretty quickly.

Surely if it’s labelled as transfers from main account to pot it’s no impact, but if you label it as say food or whatever, it will impact because the transfer is food and so is the end payment marked as food, so doubled up.

Sure that’s how mine works