Pot Transactions not appearing in Trends

Issue: I used the Salary Sorter yesterday to distribute my monthly standing order into various pots and all the transactions were catergorised as transfers. However 2 of the ‘income to pot’ transactions aren’t appearing in Trends either in the Transfers category or when I change them to any other category. Checking back the same appears to have happend for every month I’ve used salary sorter to these pots, I’ve only had Trends since the start of last month to actually see it not working. Looking deeper as I’ve been putting this post together it appears the issue is isn’t limited to salary sorted payments, any transactions on the ‘Pot Feed’ for these 2 pots don’t appear in Trends.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 11
Device: Pixel 3a
App Version: 4.1.1

Transfers to pots all nicely balanced, except for the car pot where the ‘income to pot’ transaction is not appearing:

Transaction categorised as ‘Transfers’:

2 Car Pot transactions from July, £120 into pot, and then £135 out of pot, the transactions shown are both ‘Main Account’ transactions, the corresponding pot transactions are not appearing despite being categorised as ‘Transfers’:

I worked out what was happening with this about 5 minutes after posting on Saturday :roll_eyes:

It’s because Trends only shows pots with Virtual Cards linked, so not a bug but arguably a confusing approach.

Personally I don’t consider a transfer to a pot differently just because the pot has a Virtual Card linked, so I’d want the way a transfer is resolved in Trends to be the same. I can also see why it’s that way though as a pot without a Virtual Card isn’t going to have any transactions other than transfers.

Anyway, I’ve done the obvious thing for now and added Virtual Cards to the other 2 pots, that wouldn’t work for people with more than 5(?) pots though with the virtual card limit.

Everything nicely balanced: