Advert for Premium account


Love Monzo and have just signed up for a plus account (£5pm). It is therefore pretty annoying to have an advert for the premium account slap bang in the middle of the home screen.

I figure if I’m already paying extra then I shouldn’t have to look at an advert all the time?


Hi. Welcome.

If you have a search it’s been mentioned quite a lot, but I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

Have you got a screenshot? I have plus and can’t recall seeing any premium ads.

Go to the “Home” tab in the app, it’s there in big letters under your name and picture.

Ahh I’ve found it now. Home tab is your feed but you mean when you swipe down to see your overview.

I hardly go to this screen and I don’t think it takes over, probably why I’ve missed it.

Where would you suggest it is moved to?

Ah, right. I’ve spotted it. I use that screen quite a lot and hadn’t really noticed it before. So I guess it could be worse, it could pulsate in time to a fanfare of trumpets.