Remove money from pots on individual transactions

So I’ve just been to Tesco and I’d like to pull that money I’ve just spent from my grocery pot.

Current flow

  1. Open app
  2. Check transaction amount
  3. Tap account tab
  4. Swipe to grocery pot (5 swipes)
  5. Tap withdraw
  6. Tap the default amount
  7. Enter the specific amount
  8. Withdraw from pot

Proposed flow

  1. Open app
  2. Tap on transaction
  3. Tap on new withdraw from pot button
  4. Select pot
  5. Confirm

Would anyone else find this useful?

(I know you can set up automations for this, but because I buy from groceries from Tesco and my petrol from Tesco, Monzo doesn’t know the difference between the 2 so will pull my petrol money from my groceries pot - so until it can distinguish between the 2 it’s not really an option)


Just a heads up in case you’re not aware - if you’re using pay at pump then Monzo now categorises this as transport rather than groceries

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Yeah, this would be useful.

It’d be nice to have some actions that you can run off individual transactions. I suggested round ups here, but transferring the same value to/from pots would also be a win.

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Yes, this would be good. Had to do something like this manually during the week, briefly remembering the numbers while I did so

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I would love this!

Using IFTTT manages this for specific retailers but the full automation there does run ‘risks’ if you use a retailer for multiple category purchases (i.e. you’d end up manually adjusting things which then takes just as much effort in the reverse direction).

This is something that’s been discussed over on Move money out of pots automatically! and Queue the next payment to use a pot so you’re not the only one wanting that simplified flow. I’m 100% with you.