Replace from pot

How about an option on an outgoing transaction to ‘replace from pot’ which withdraws the transaction amount from a pot of your choosing and excludes the transaction from summary?

This is relatively easily done manually but automation is always nice

Not as good as if Monzo implemented directly but p sure sure this can be done with IFTTT (at least with a UK personal account).

Check the IFTTT thread on here, I’ve seen people doing it for supermarket or petrol spend for instance.

I use budgets for groceries and petrol, its the ‘other’ stuff from supermarkets or amazon type spend that could be for a range of things from the same retailer.

E.G. I bought some diy stuff from amazon today which i replaced from our ‘house stuff’ pot but also bought a yoyo last week which I replaced from our ‘kids pocket money’ pot.

Its not difficult to make the withdrawal and exclude the transaction from summary but if it could be

Click transaction
Click ‘replace’
Choose pot

And then the withdrawal is made and the transaction is excluded that would be wonderful (good, maybe wonderful is a biy strong lol)

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Ohhhh I’m with you.

And yeah definitely agreed that it would be really helpful. Like it!

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This sounds like the idea suggested here:

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