Remove Direct Debit Entry


I have duplicate direct debit entries. The DD only takes once so that’s not a concern. However, I’d like to remove one of the entries in my app under scheduled payments without actually cancelling the direct debit and just leave the one entry there that is more up-to-date. Is this possible?

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Surely you can cancel one of the mandates and check with both the company and the bank that the other one is active, no?

Unless I’ve misunderstood

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Well I have faced this before and tried to cancel the duplicate one in the past, and it ended up cancelling the entire DD and I don’t want that to happen again. I just want the old duplicated entry to be removed from the list and not included in any calculations that make up my monthly expenses

Tap on the one you think isn’t meant to be, and then turn off repeating payment and it should remove it.

There isn’t an option/slider to turn off repeating payment from the scheduled payments list, at least this is the case for the duplicate entry

You can try it but it appears to depend completely on the company involved whether it will cancel the whole lot or not. Most are fine, I find, but the odd one just cancels everything (Lex Autolease springs to mind).

EE, Octopus, Amex, TV Licence were all OK - they just ignored any DD cancel because they could presumably see it had a different reference to the one they were collecting under.