Cancelling direct debit

I’ve tried to cancel a direct debit from the steps to cancel, payment- scheduled etc
But the DD I have submitted to cancel, last week ( 7 days notice!) has now been taken out of my account.
I’ve looked on the list of DD and it’s not showing in there.

Why is this happening?

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What has the company that took the direct debit said?

Are you sure it’s a direct debit, and not a recurring card payment?


How many working days was it. Weekends don’t count.


Are you sure it was a direct debit?

And not just turned off repeating payment?

If you solely turned this off in the transaction, you’d only be removing the recurring payment from Scheduled, and not actually cancelled anything.

If you cancelled by tapping this, you can raise a direct debit indemnity, you need to do this via chat.

If you tap the transaction and see the below, then raise an indemnity.

A direct debit uses account number and sort code.

A recurring payment uses your long card number and expiry date.

You need to contact the merchant directly and cancel your subscription, it’s never recommended to just cancel a direct debit or repeating payment because you may still be in contract with that company.

They are not obligated to refund card payments, though you can ask.


Also, if a payment has previously been tried but declined the counter party can claim that specific payment, even if you’ve cancelled the direct debit.

I think it’s a code 17 IIRC.


Defo a direct debit

No response from the company yet

No response from company yet

Last Tuesday I cancelled it. Enough time to cover weekend

Where is the chat?

I can’t find it on my app, have they taken it away?

Bottom right, tap help, then type contact support.

Well it isn’t really.

You canx on Tuesday and then 3 days until it’s due, so it’s possible even though you cancelled it the company had already gone for the payment. In theory, it should’ve rejected back and bounced.

But as @Carlo1460 notes customer service is whats needed here, they can tell you whats happened. Also speak to the company, they will also have some idea as to what went on.

Good luck!