Can a direct debit be reinstated


I’ve cancelled a direct debit by accident can this be reinstated by Monzo or will I need to call the company ?

I would assume that you would need to set this back up with the company, but don’t hold me to it maybe Monzo can do that :wave:

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Needs to be done via company with a DD Mandate

Is it possible you could add a bit more detail please?
Recently, I was checking out the recurring payments feature and when looking at the detail of a DD, I found the scary “this will cancel your DD” button.
If this is pressed, I was wondering if users get a second chance to confirm the action or does it just happen?

Nope, it really does cancel your DD

I think I’d like a second screen with buttons for “Confirm you want to end this DD” and “Keep this DD”.
Otherwise, I would not be able to rectify my mistake within the app (unlike a standing order).

Well you have to enter the card PIN to actually cancel the DD which would be acceptable under Nielsen’s usability characteristics imo:

Oh, that’s all good then. Just so long as there is some kind of second line of defence against accidentally hitting the button.
I haven’t had to cancel one yet, so hadn’t seen the PIN request (and didn’t want to experiment, obviously!)

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