Relish Broadband & Direct Debit

Hi all,

Does anyone know what can be done about Relish Broadband, and them not recognising the Monzo account sort code? I’ve tried talking to them, and they say it’s out of their hands, as it a problem with their ‘third party payment provider’ - does anyone know who this might be, so I can bug them?

This is the last payment I have on my legacy bank, and the last step before I go #fullMonzo - so I’d really like to sort it out.

I’ve had no problems at all with Relish as a company - and their broadband service is perfect for us, so I’d really like to stay with them.

Any advice anyone has with dealing with this would be most welcomed!


If it’s a Direct Debit, I think it’s on Relish to update their list of DD members from BACS.

Try dropping a line, they might be able to help.


If they use someone else to run their payment system for them then their reporting of the problem as a third-party issue is likely correct.

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Not pay the bill and wait until they magically find a solution (it’s surprising how shitty companies usually become very responsive & willing to deal with any issues once you hit them in the wallet). And if no solution is found then it isn’t a big loss either, you can just sign up for a competitor that actually knows what they’re doing.


Are you going to continue to provide advice to Iestyn if he gets sent to a debt collector?! It might be better not to encourage people to take an action that could have adverse financial consequences. :grimacing:


Hi all, thanks for helping me out here.

Relish, in the end were able to help me. I had a good chat with them on Twitter first about the problem, and after calling them up to clarify, it turned out that we could infact do what I wanted to over the phone. For some reason, the website doesn’t accept the Monzo sort code, but their computer systems on the phone is.

So, I’m now all set up - and I can see on the Monzo app that the active bank check has gone through, so it’s all good!

My recommendation to anyone who’s in the same bost - just call them up, and they can sort it out for you.


Are you going to continue to provide advice to Iestyn if he gets sent to a debt collector?!

Yes. The advice is simple: pay the debt collectors; given they actually know what they’re doing (it’s their business after all) and will happily accept his Monzo account.

This still works as far as hitting the shitty company in their wallet, given that debt collectors buy debt at a steep discount. Just because he pays off his balance to the debt collectors still means Relish takes a loss for being idiots and not following BACS rules.

However there’s no way he will get to a debt collector for this exact reason; it is usually a last-resort scenario because the company makes a loss. So I expect his case to be escalated beyond the usual army of monkeys and to someone that actually knows what they’re doing and has the power to make the necessary changes to accept the Monzo sort code going forwards (making the situation better for everyone).

Except this is also reported to CRAs as a default, which will appear in any searches for the next 6 years, and the debt-collector will add administrative costs on top of the original debt.
All in all it is bad advice.


You should be able to dispute that with either the company or the CRA. They are in the wrong here anyway so it’s just a matter of annoying them enough so they actually get someone to look into it.

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Any advice to just ignore contracted payments and default is ridiculous, and shouldn’t really have a place here IMO.

We’re all relatively financially savvy, but not everyone is, and someone could read this and get themselves into serious trouble.


Agreed - let’s not go down the path where we might be condoning people getting sent to a debt collector. That’s a rocky road that I’m sure we’d all rather steer clear of.

Looks like Lestyn has now solved the problem :grinning:


Relish continue to refuse to set up a direct debit for their service. Over the phone, they did offer to set up a CPA, which I declined obviously, so this remains an ongoing problem.

What’s a CPA?

Continuous payment authority.

Basically means that the supplier can keep your card details in file to take regular payments automatically.

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And of any amount :wink:

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