Coming Back

A little while ago I had Monzo, I decided to give it a go for a month or so but at the time decided it wasn’t for me and closed my account.

Will I be able to create a new account with Monzo or will this cause issues during the sign up?

Probably a silly question, but wanted to ask for some kind of peace of mind.

Monzo can reopen accounts. Just drop them an email at and they’ll get you sorted.

You’ll have issues doing the sign up because they still have your details hence needing to email them :+1:t3:


Well it is good I asked, because I would have just attempted to re-sign up.

Thanks @anon38670904


You can’t open an account for 30 days after you’ve closed one


I am sure it has been longer than 30 days - I emailed, will see what they say.

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Hi @BonzaOwl! Can I ask what drove both decisions? Did you try another challenger in the meantime?

I had been working through this Using Monzo for budgeting it wasn’t working out so I decided to step away for a while and re-evaluate. I didn’t try a different challenger, looking back, closing the account was a mistake.


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