Monzo Premium | Phone Insurance | Amount Of Devices

Trying to find out how many devices the phone insurance covers with Monzo Premium. Does anybody know? As in can I cover mine and my partner’s phone ? Or does it cover just one phone device and 1 accessory?

Joel Wraight

The terms and conditions can be found in the app.

Or, if you search the forum, you’ll find that this has been asked and answered before.

I get this on the T&C

This policy is for customers permanently residing in the UK and covers mobile phones owned by the account
holder(s) up to a value of £2,000 (including VAT).

I didn’t read any further though :rofl:

There’s no hard limit on numbers of phones you can cover, just a limit on value and number of claims you can make.

But you have to have proof of ownership to make a claim.

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best to go with nationwide flex plus account their insurance covers the whole family mobile and travel insurance for £13