Refunds not working

Purchased a couple of games through different online game vendors, got refunds for them, approved by them and then declined when they tried to refund me as it doesn’t seem to be working?
Anyone else have a problem with refunds in monzo?

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There has to be more to it than that. Monzo won’t block refunds.

When did they process the refunds?

Processed some time last week, but then they sent an email saying there was a problem refunding your payment method, and just gave the games back, but this is two different companies doing it

Did you pay with a virtual card or anything like that?

Did you use a virtual card?

Normally Monzo will never block a refund probably only in rare occasions such as money laundering or illegal goods but you stated games so I would say it’s the companies issue.

No virtual card, just my actual monzo card. I don’t know, I’ve used my other card with both these companies before, refund came back fine and came back within a day or two, one company said the refund couldn’t be done and the other one is still waiting 10 days later

And what have Monzo said about it?

How would I ask them? I can’t find a way to contact them on the app

in-app… Help > search for “support” and click “chat with us in the app”

Some people don’t have this; I have to find the ‘Contacting support’ article first, which is only located by typing ‘Contacting support’ from what I can tell.

Have all the refunds failed?

If you can ask the companies for the ARN (acquirer reference number) for each refund then it might help us track the issue.

However if you haven’t had a notification in your app that the refund was declined then it most likely hasn’t been rejected by us. In the few occasions I’ve seen a declined refund (and I’ve seen less than I can count on one hand in 1000s of front line chats!) it’s always shown up in the customers app.

Hi Dan
Does the retailer get issued an ARN if the refund transaction fails for any reason

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