Refund after Current account switch


I switched to Monzo from Santander in June 2019, using the current account switch feature. However, due to the COVID situation, I have been sent a refund from a holiday company, for the first payment I made to them (I was paying the holiday over a year). The refund was sent to my old Santander card, which has now been closed for almost 14 months. Does anyone know if this will be forwarded on to my Monzo account? I am unsure due to the timeframe.


Yeah it will. It’s 36 months that redirects will occur. If the refund was rejected after this period the merchant would likely get in touch for an alternative account.

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If there are any payments in the last 13 months of the redirection due to end that have been redirected, then the redirection is extended.

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Ah nice. I did see that it could be extended indefinitely upon request but nice to know about the 13 month thing.

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