Refunded transactions - process questions

I understand it might not be completely up to Monzo but I wanted to ask nonetheless.

Walking along motorway in North Carolina I stopped casually at Dunkin’ Donuts to treat myself to some chai latte. I paid with my Monzo card with people staring at its bright colour, as usual :slight_smile: But then the supervisor said they can’t make chai lattes with almond milk, so I asked for regular black tea.

First she refunded my previous transaction and then I paid again the new price.

When I’m looking at my feed I get the two transactions with different prices but the refund isn’t there yet. It’s okay as I am a fairly patient person but I’m interested if there is a difference in the processes between paying and being refunded? Where could possible delays occur?

When you pay for something the money is not immediately sent to the merchant. It’s just held and not made available for you to spend again until the merchant processes run and the money is collected by the merchants bank and then passed on to the merchant. the exact same happens in reverse for refunds. The money isn’t sent immediately to you, it takes time for the merchants bank to collect the money and send to Monzo

Thanks Andy for clarification. I forgot about the little details that the money doesn’t actually go out of the account immediately.


If you know the money isn’t going to come out you can reverse the hold yourself within the app.

The merchant could also have done it but it seems pretty common for them not to bother and just wait for it to time out.

Why on earth can’t they make a chai latte with almond milk?

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First time ever I was told this… they said they have to steam the milk (obviously) but they can’t use almond due to allergens

Ah I guess they want to be able to call their normal latte nut free and don’t want nut milk on the steam wand.

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