Refund to an Old Google Pay 'Token' Number


Usually Trading 212 allow me to pick a payment method to withdraw to but this time hey presto it automatically sent it to a random Google pay method.

I am now in the process of working out if this is an old Monzo Google pay method (I deleted it and reinstalled it so the new token number is different) or if it was with Hyperjar or Monese which unfortunately I used once or twice to top up 212, hence they had them on file, but I no longer have the accounts with them.

If it were the old payment method for Monzo on Google pay, do you think the ‘refund’ would still work?

If a refund is processed to an old card, that will still get to you even if its years later. I think 4 years is the cut off, I might be making that bit up.

Will it not give you the last few digits or anything?

Nice! :laughing:

Yup I have the last 4 digits.

It doesn’t match up to either my physical or virtual debit card with Monese. Neither does it seem to match up with the Google Pay token number for Monese based on a withdrawal I did to them a while back.

Hyperjar have said the 4 digits don’t match. So it seems to leave Monzo. I have someone on chat where I’ve sent the last 4 digits, but its just shown their face and no reply for a good few hours…