Google Pay refund on old card

When I upgraded to Monzo Plus, I added my new card to Google Pay and removed the old one. Last week, I made a withdrawal from Trading 212 to the card number associated with my old Monzo card, but it’s yet to appear in my account (normally it’s next working day at the latest).

Anyone know if it will land in my Monzo account eventually? Or does Google block card numbers once they are removed from Google Pay (in which case I assume it will get returned to my T212 account at some point)?


you can get refunded back to an old card, it usually takes up to 10 working days for a refund to be added to your account when refunded by a card regardless if the card has been expired or active

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Thanks. Do you know that specifically for Google Pay transactions though (bearing in mind the card number used isn’t the one on the front of my Monzo card)? It’s just every withdrawal I’ve made in the past from them has been in the account next working day (same working day if processed in the morning).

i think maybe because it’s a old card it would take a bit longer to process, but you really can’t contact help until that processing time has pass because they would probably tell you it can take up to 10 working days for refunds to be credited back to your account, so it’s all a waiting game until then

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The distinction made elsewhere is that while you can get a refund made to an old card, you can’t get a credit made to an old card. The explanation was given in the context of a gambling pay out but this might be a similar circumstance?

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Hmmm yeah could be. If it was direct to my Monzo card I think I’d have seen it by now, it’s just given GPay use a completely different card number, I’m not sure how it would have been processed. I would assume Google just forward the funds back to the associated card, but who knows!

I’ll give it a few more days see if anything shows up then if not will do some digging.