Refund Rights for Concert Tickets

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I’m looking for a bit of consumer rights advice if anyone can help?

Last night my husband and I attended the Britney Spears concert at the 3 Arena in Dublin. I’m a big fan and have always liked her music but this is the first time I have seen her live.

I have to say it was possibly the worst concert I have ever been to. She literally mimed everything, even the slow parts! She barely danced and mainly just flicked her hands about and checked her ponytail wasn’t coming undone. There were no props or major outfit changes, just a projector of random stuff on a big screen behind her. For what it was I would have had a better experience just popping her album on shuffle on the Home Pod!

It was a real disappointment for which we paid £90 each to see. I know there are loads of different rights for consumers but not too sure how or if they apply to concert tickets? Ideally I would like a full refund but not sure where I stand?

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Think you’ll be hard pressed to get a refund on this one i’m afraid.

If you contact the ticket seller, they’ll refer you to the marketing company running the tour no doubt.


Difficult as enjoyment is subjective. Loads of people are raving about how amazing it was


Not sure you would have much luck, if there was a half broken sound system you may have more of a chance, but not for the performance put on stage. To even get a refund for poor sound you would more than likely like to get a class action style claim, for a large majority of the audience to have agreed, they would argue back the different ticket pricing should be an expectation of the performance.

Even if Britney would of cancelled and put in a replacement short notice, you wouldn’t be likely to be given a refund, terms around this were added into the most big ticket sites following headline acts at festivals being switched short notice.

Speak by actions, and buy no more albums, tickets or merchandise. If we keep going back and giving them money, they will up the prices and think they are doing a good job. :frowning:


This might help

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I’m surprised that there is no legislation around concerts and performance. It seems at the moment they can just sell tickets and if the show is poor then it’s just tough luck for the consumer.

I will contact Ticketmaster and see what they say as whilst I am sure some people may have thought she was fabulous I know some people walked out and some of the reviews in the papers today aren’t great.

I personally don’t think it’s too much to expect as a consumer that if you buy a concert ticket there are at least some live segments?

Yeah. I actually agree with your sentiments.

Apparently Italy is rather blasé with rules for concerts. If you go to an outdoor concert and it starts to rain, if they’ve been performing for 5mins you’re not entitled to a refund if they walk off. (we were told this from a tour guide in Verona a few years back, might have changed now)

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