Music Tickets

Now after missing out on the presale I’m planning to get up early tomorrow to get mumford and sons tickets for London next month.

Anyone have any tips and tricks for getting gig tickets when they go on sale? I always seem to lose out on things I want to go to

Tricks and tips preload the site for one make sure you have your details to hand so you don’t miss out looking for them, take the spaces that are given because if you decide to change you might lose out and just good luck in general.

I usually get someone else involved and preload the different ticket sites on as many devices as we have between us :joy: It’s a bit chaotic but I’ll usually end up with seats in a section I’m happy with.

Multiple devices is a good one. And refresh the landing page with the countdown on frequently - the one that will have the buttons on to Buy - in the last 1-2 minutes before the on sale time. Sometimes their idea of 9am could be slightly different from your idea of 9am.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the tips guys. Was all ready to go before 9am but missed standing and seated tickets
:disappointed_relieved:. It’s a shame because its on my birthday to, will just have to hope someone who has got tickets won’t be able to go now

Have you tried the venue website as well as official vendor? Sometimes they have separate amounts reserved for sale.

Also keep checking the official re-sale partners that they recommend, in case any get returned/cancelled.