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Hello I bought a phone 13 days ago I got no phone but was issued a refund yesterday at 8:10 am. I know it can take upto 3 days for a refund to appear. Just every other refund been back in account the next day. I was even told this today from music magpie, they said the money normally goes in the next day… Has anyone had a refund from them and how long did they wait… This has been a nightmare for me… I have a life limited illness and need a phone for emergency purpose. The way I been treated by these is a disgrace. Also there feedback is worrying me. Some people have been waiting 2 weeks plus and still no refund… I wish I had looked at feedback before I bought. I will be broadcasting this on every site and they will lose custom if they don’t deposit my money today…

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Hi there Michael :wave:

Refunds, unfortunately, are down to the merchant as to when they appear. But in many cases can take up to 7 days. This isn’t a system we have any control over, please allow me to explain why.

Payments happen in two stages, these are known as authorisation and presentment.

Authorisation is what happens when you make the payment. This is what we show you in the app. This is as the name implies - authorisation for the merchant to collect the payment. But technically the money is still in your account, just ring fenced as belonging to that payment. The merchant then needs to begin the presentment process, where they physically move the money from your account to theirs. This usually takes a few days because merchants do this in bulk every few days rather than individually. If you have ever seen a payment that says “pending” then what you are seeing is an authorisation that hasn’t yet been presented by the merchant.

So for a refund, the process works in a similar way - they’ll authorise the refund on their end, but it won’t show in your Monzo account until the merchant then does a batch load of presentments. That’s when we receive the money back to your account, and as soon as we have it, you’ll see it in your Monzo app.

Since we have no control over when the merchant does their presentments, it’s not within our control to speed up this process, unfortunately. Most merchants however will do presentments every 2 or 3 days.

Hope that helps! If we were able to speed up this process, we would! But unfortunately it is not within our control.


Simon has explained it pretty well, but if the refund does not appear within 7 days and they did indeed take the original transaction you can contact them, and if they don’t resolve the situation, dispute the transaction within Monzo and provide evidence of your contact and their response. Monzo will escalate to MasterCard and provided everything you say is true (aka they claim they refunded but you didn’t get it) they will give you the money back from the original transaction.


I have email from them saying they will refund me.

Thanks for your help guys

It is annoying that payments are treated differently to refunds. If payments can come off your available balance pre-presentment and when “pending”, then I don’t see why it’s not perfectly possible that refunds could too. Mind you it will never change.

This is simple - because authorisations for payments are within our control as we get the message from Mastercard immediately.

We do not get the immediate authorisation message when a refund has been made - only the merchant’s bank would get that - we only find out that there is a refund coming when they present it.


Yeah totally get this. Just saying it’s annoying. And is not beyond the realms of possibility that refunds would credit immediately if the systems were changed.
But thanks for the patronising reply :+1:t2:

I sent a phone off Wednesday but still waiting for my payment from them - I sure hope they don’t mess me around also

I bought a phone and had to wait. U should get payment around Tuesday if they pay u full amount. Have a look at the bad reviews on trustpilot. They off like 80 pound for a phone then when they get it they say it’s got something wrong and offer £8 then when u say no they eventually send it back with nothing wrong.

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I don’t like the fact they only go up to “Good” for condition where as others do Excellent and pay a bit more. The phone I sent in was in original box with accessories. If they send it back it will be a shame as they are the only ones recycling this model of OPPO - but we will see what they say. I did it by DPD as Royal Mail tend to break stuff but even that’s playing up