Refund Calculations Incorrect

(Andrew Bloomfield) #1

Cut a long story short, I purchased two pairs of trainers from ASOS, one of which I returned.

The first transaction was for a total spend of -£75, the refund for one item was +£58.50.

In my ASOS history I would expect to seep my average expenditure and total spend to both be £16.50.

But they are both £75.

Iny my spending section the category “shopping” uses the correct amount.

Refunds affect Average and Total
Refund allocation 1
(Tristan Thomas) #2

Thanks! We’re aware of this and will be making it more intelligent in the future :slight_smile: We need to do some clever matching our end which is why it isn’t in the beta yet.

Categories for refunds and top-ups
Refund allocation 1