Categories for refunds and top-ups

My recent refund has been categorised as “General”. I would like to see a better category… Same goes with “top-ups” (if a category makes sense for them, at all. I think it does.)

There’s been lots of discussion about custom categories. I’d suggest reading this post first. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the benefit of categorising a top-up to be honest, as you’ll categorise that money when you spend it on something if I’m missing something there though, let me know!

But it definitely does make sense for refunds, as ideally, you’d the refund to be credited to your Target for the same category as the one that the original transaction was assigned. Fortunately, Monzo are looking for ways to enable this -

By the way, if you think there are categories that are ‘missing’ please do share them, Monzo are due to review the categories, after the current accounts launch & I expect more will be added…

Thanks for the replies, guys - much appreciated.
I do realize the custom categories is a can of worms and I really want to avoid being dragged into it with this request, because it is not related.

I merely tried to highlight that categorising both top-ups and refunds under a General “* spending *” category does not really make sense, for the simple reason that they are not spendings. Maybe an “Account” category would save General :wink:


Not a problem - I do see both of these as custom categories though. Understand the refund one but the top-up one will be defunct once :monzo: becomes a proper bank. :slight_smile: