Refunds pending when transitioning to current account

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Greetings! :vulcan:

If we had the scenario where there is pending refund to the prepaid card :credit_card: and a customer transitioned to the current account :bank: before the refund settled, where would the money go?

Would it be re-routed through to the current account automatically? Or would there be a mop up process 7 days after current account opening etc :thinking:


(Marcel W.) #2

It should be routed to the current account.

(Naji Esiri) #3

Issues like this are the exact reason we want to take our time with the rollout of current accounts, to ensure that the switch will be hiccup and worry free for all users. I haven’t got any details on this but I’m pretty sure we will have covered this and the refund will be credited to your current account.

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Thanks for the response @Naji. I’ve the upmost confidence you guys have already thought of this scenario, but on the off chance, I thought I’d raise it.

Thanks again :relaxed:

(James Billingham) #5

Currently when this happens on an old Monzo card if yours is replaced, they get a notification in their ops dashboard to manually correct it.

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