'Refreshing' above connected accounts can be misleading

When I am on the account main screen (if that’s what we can call it, I see the debit card and transactions underneath), and I scroll horizontally through my various different connected accounts, every time I land on one I see ‘Refreshing…’ briefly at the top.

However, when that’s done (usually takes 1-2 seconds), the account isn’t really refreshed. The ‘Refreshed XX minutes/hours ago’ text below the debit card stays the same. If I actually want to see it refreshed with the latest transactions, I have to refresh it manually.

Could/should the ‘Refreshing…’ text change somehow to indicate what the app is actually doing?

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I thought this the other day!

I think they’re using “refreshing” for two things. At the top it seems to mean “updating data from Monzo’s servers”. Under the card is the time that the data was pulled from open banking. Two different things.

(Sneaky cc to @emmag and @tjvr to see if they want to think about new words as part of app evolution).


Yeah, figured it was something like that, as the top ‘Refreshing…’ also shows for Monzon accounts. I’m not sure what the best differentiation would be.
Doesn’t the app get push data for transactions happening on Monzo accounts while the app is open? If I remember this correctly, then a ‘Refreshing…’ at the top might be redundant, as it’s normally always ‘refreshed’. Instead, perhaps a message should be shown only when a most recent attempt to refresh failed (e.g. no network), showing last refresh date/time?

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