Pull to refresh

The update from (last month?) seems to have removed the pull down to refresh (ios)…instead it now takes you back to the card credentials. I’m often finding transactions are not showing in transactions despite being charged, unless i close and restart.

The pull down refresh was a handy feature!
ios 13.4.1

Pull down has taken you back to the overview for a long time, it’s not a recent change.

If you then tap back into your current account it will refresh, connection dependant.

Im sure I remember the pull down working at the start of the year?

Unfortunately the refresh doesn’t work for me in the way you described…my connection is rock solid. Just tried it again without success.

It’s just incredibly annoying that a basic ui feature was torn away from my thumb!

I don’t believe pull down to refresh has ever been a feature :thinking:

Not sure why it would be needed either when everything is instant in Monzo anyway. I guess you could force it to “recheck” by switching to the payments tab and then back again.

When you click your current account you’ll see it says TODAY and then as the account loads it will say “Updated a few seconds ago” then “Updating…” and then “Updated a few seconds ago”

I don’t ever remember it being pull to refresh.

You must be using iOS, that update display doesn’t happen on Android.

I have to say, that would annoy me so much, how do you ever know when it was last updated? iOS gets stuck and fails updating quite often. I could never trust it without that time

Tap Payments, tap Home, - it’s now definitely updated - job done.

To be fair, it’s normal that it is up-to-date and only rarely does it seem behind. The ‘Tap-Payments-Tap-Home’ routine is more of a muscle memory routine.

I also could have swore some previous iteration had pull down to refresh. Maybe pre big UI overhaul? but certainly pull down to go to your account list is new.

I’m finding the feed is much slower at updating than some time ago, and I get caught with “updating” and missing transactions for longer than I feel like I did before. (And direct debits still showing as “tomorrow” on the day they are taken).

Regardless of if I’m imagining a feature that never existed, I do find the ‘pull down to view all accounts’ gesture not intuitive.