Other accounts in Monzo not refreshing sometimes


When pressing refresh on a Barclays account I have within Monzo… doesn’t refresh sometimes when I press it

Details to reproduce:
App Version:


Which operating system and version

It can be replicated on just about any iOS version from the last year or longer, and equally every Monzo version from the same time frame.

This is perhaps a lingering bug that’s been there since the new version of connected accounts launched.

I’m not sure if it’s just plain unresponsive, or slow (or even just slow or buggy with providing feedback that confirms you tapped it), but i usually have to tap the refresh button a few times before I can actually see the app start to do something. I think it’s been reported on here before quite some time ago and was ignored. I’ve certainly complained about it somewhere.

This sort of issue is why I tend to prefer a pull action as opposed to a button.


I had a similar issue with my connected Santander credit card - ended up that none of my connected transactions were showing at all and they wouldn’t refresh. No sign of it being fixed (went on for a few weeks and flagged to Monzo support) so I cancelled Plus. I’d be keen to know when this is sorted!