Hi all,

So here is the scenario, I’m signing my girlfriend up to Monzo, I enter her first name and surname and her email. Then I remember the £5 signup link! So I sent it to her, enter her email online and it says “use this email to sign up for the £5 referral bonus”.

After signing up, it said we weren’t illegible because she had already signed up. All that happened was we began the process. We hadn’t completed it, so I wouldn’t have thought it would have mattered?

I know it’s only £5 a piece, but I still feel cheated by Monzo! Especially because I’m a paid up Plus member paying £3 a month for essentially a Monzo Plus card! Is there any way to get past this? Has anyone had experience with this before?

I had a similar thing happen to me.

I signed up first to see what it was like and then sent a referral to my gf.
She tried signing up through the link she got but it didn’t accept the verification code that was sent via text multiple times.

So she signed up separately on her own and opened an account. A few days later she got a notification that she would get £5 for being referred, which was then posted on her account.

I got nothing! In fact it still says her application is in progress! :joy::joy:

@tommiwinter96 I’ve had the same also, I guess that’s how they’ve built the system.

@Zooropa message in app support, they might be able to sort out the fiver.

I actually sorted this with Monzo support. They just asked for the link and then they credited both our accounts. #amazingcustomerservice


That’s great, maybe I should also but it was ages ago.

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