Referral Link e-mail?

I got a referral link from a friend in Whatsapp, checked out Monzo and it seems pretty handy. Put my e-mail in the box after pressing the referral link and then assumed I am waiting for an automated e-mail to be sent to me to sign up to a current account so that we both get the £10 offer? It’s been a while and I haven’t got anything yet, do they send one out?


From what I recall of my friend signing up, after completing the steps that you have, you need to download the app and sign up through that.

Make sure to use the same email during sign up that you entered into the page from the referral link.

Once you are signed up and your account is created, you will need to make 1 transaction on your Monzo card (this can be on google pay or apple pay before the physical card arrives I believe). You should then get your £10 bonus.


Just to pick up on this point also, your friend won’t get anything but you will. It is only a gift for the new account.


That all makes sense, thanks for the quick replies!

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