Record Store Day 2018


It’s nearly upon us… the world famous Record Store Day. Some great releases this year, anyone planning on getting any? I have my eye on a few and will no doubt be down to my local store at stupid o’clock to try and get my filthy hands on them.

(Simon B) #2

I’m going to be in Minneapolis on that day and will hopefully be making a trip to the legendary Electric Fetus.

There’s a re-release happening of Prince’s “1999” album.

The content is interesting - 1999 was originally released as a 2xLP.

Warners at the time felt it would also be a good idea to release a 1xLP version in Europe.
Basically the same album but with 2 or 3 of the songs removed, and different cover artwork.

That version has been out of print since 1983, and they are doing a re-release of it for RSD 2018.


Oh man! The US has different releases to the UK, don’t they? I much prefer the US list :heart_eyes:

(Simon B) #4

Yeah, I believe so!

Last year this beauty came out in the US for RSD - one of my friends bought an extra copy for me and I grabbed it off him when I was in LA a few months back.

Limited edition green vinyl of What Time Is It? by The Time.


Nice!! I think 85-90% of my collection is picture/colour discs. I still can’t get my head around how a groove in a piece of plastic can output sound. Crazy!

Hoping to get a few gems this year, Linkin Park is my top priority though.

(Simon B) #6

What’s the Linkin Park release?


One More Light Live in a gold/black finish (I think). The CD is great and to have it on vinyl would be ace.

(Peter McDonald) #8

Unfortunately not. No store in my town participates anymore. Nearest shop I believe is 20-30 miles away.


My nearest store is around 25 miles away. It’s where I went last year and it’s where I’ll be going this year :slight_smile:


Got to my local store at 1am, was fourth in queue and managed to get everything I wanted. Job done! Hopefully next years releases will suit me better than this year, there wasn’t much that tickled my fancy.