The 1975 - "A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships"

So, album is not out for another 10 days but the reviews are starting to roll in. A full 5 stars from the NME who call it “the millennial answer to ‘OK Computer’” - high praise indeed.

From the tracks that have come out so far - “TOOTIME” and “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” are both among the best songs I’ve heard this year, from any act. So I’m really excited for the album, and to see them live for the 4th time in January.



I really like them and wanted to see them in Manchester but the timings never worked out. Glad to see the glowing reviews- can’t wait for their album to drop.

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I can’t stop listening to both of those tracks @simonb! On repeat - genuine earworms but with so much depth. Have you read Matty Healy’s Shortlist profile?

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@brenda I was travelling last week and I always grab ShortList at the train station. Very sad to hear the magazine won’t be around much longer. But yeah, I grabbed it to read on the train without realising Matty was in it. A great read!

I’ve always been able to tell from the way he writes, but he’s hugely inspired by my two favourite artists of all time - Prince and Michael Jackson. I think it’s that interview where he talks about growing up watching MJ and feeling that he had more in common with Michael than he did his own parents - also my experience! And in another recent interview, he said his benchmark for the new album was to make Sign O’ The Times - my favorite Prince album!