Linkin Park at Barclaycard Arena

I was at the Barclaycard Arena last night to see the mighty Linkin Park and was totally blown away. I’ve been a huge fan since my childhood and it was great to see them live. Sure I saw at least 5 other folks there with Monzo cards too, can’t be a bad thing!

The missus took some great videos, hopefully get them on YouTube and then onto this thread at some point in the future.

If you were there, what did you think?


I wasn’t there, but I saw them live almost a decade ago. Hard to believe it’s been 17 years since Hybrid Theory came out, I vividly remember that being released!


It’s mad! To think they still sound the same is crazy. Love all their stuff and it was great to hear old and new side by side.

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For anyone that wants to listen to their setlist, here is a Spotify playlist I created of it. Brings back the feels!

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The best thing Linkin Park ever did was to cameo in the Crank films.

Okay now I am really sad :cry:

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I just logged on here to offer my condolences. To think you saw them less than 2 weeks ago, and now…

RIP Chester :pensive:

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Exactly two weeks ago. I am totally gutted.
They would have just come onto stage now.

Without wishing to seem too early with speculation, I wonder if Chris Cornell’s passing had anything to do with this. They were close friends, and today would have been Chris’s birthday.

It’s no secret that Chester had been struggling with depression for most of his life, and also struggled with addiction. In that state, it doesn’t take much to tip someone over. It seems very coincidental that they both went out in the same way.

How terribly tragic :pensive:

I don’t doubt it will have something to do with it. They will be up there partying for sure. Such a sad loss, he was just amazing. He hadn’t lost his voice at all. Unlike a lot of fans right now… Lost for words.

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I am devastated by the news. I grew up with Chester’s voice blasting my ear drums. If you haven’t seen already, go onto Disturbed’s Facebook page and have a read of what David Draiman said. Lovely words from a great man.

Rest peacefully, Chester :cry:

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@simonb @anon4562461 @zinterz

Found this on YouTube. The full gig. The last Linkin Park gig with Chester Bennington. Makes for sad viewing but also they were amazing.


It would also appear most of the tracks on the new album were a cry for help. If only we could have done more.

Kerrang! have their weekly issue out today with a 6 page spread on Chester. I’ve just finished reading it. Well worth the £2.50 price tag.



Don’t know if you saw this yet but it made me very emotional :disappointed_relieved:

@simonb I have seen it, both the girlfriend and I toyed with the idea of watching it live but we didn’t. It was the first thing we watched yesterday morning upon waking up.

It was great to see him from the gig in Birmingham when he spoke about the Manchester attack. Something that stood out for me, however, was how no one is going to come close to replacing him when LP continue.

I hated the One More Light album when it first came out, but after about two weeks of listening to it, it grew on me. It is now my favourite LP album.

There must be so many videos the guys trawled through of Chester, and I’m sure they found that really hard. Hopefully his memory will live on through the OML Fund and also the other charitie that his wife is setting up (the name escapes me).

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It’ll never be the same, but perhaps they’ll find a way to make it work for them, as Queen and INXS did.

And although not the same dynamic, two of Prince’s bands, The Revolution and The New Power Generation are touring - saw the latter and it was a great show. The Jacksons, too - they do a great show honoring Michael.

I firmly believe that musicians ought to keep going in these circumstances, especially in band dynamics where they wrote and played on the songs too. But it’s obviously very, very tough.

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Yeah I don’t think they should stop, that would be a bit crap. Not sure if they could just not replace him. It’s a tough one, but he will never be forgotten, that’s for sure.

I wonder if they’ll ever appear at a Monzo Arena?

I’d hope Monzo never sponsor a venue. Really annoys me when companies do it :joy:

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