Am I Getting A Good Sim Only Deal?

£6 per month, BT, sim only. rolling contract ( 30 day )

unlimited texts and calls. 1GB of data usage.

Only use the phone for whatsapp, email, monzo and occasionally browsing the web when out.
No streaming, no music, no videos.

Only used about 100MB of Data this month

Yep. I’m paying £10 for basically the same thing (I get 600 minutes) from Three.


Depends on how much you use calls and texts. I have dual sim phone on 2 networks. One is 1pMobile…1p per minute, text or MB for a £10 topup valid 4 months. Other is iDmobile…8GB data at £8 per month. Both of these have data rollover. I use very little calls or texts and usually use free wi-fi wherever I go so 1pMobile is best for me.

I don’t understand why there’s still a big push on providing unlimited SMS texts, I just don’t send them anymore. It’s WhatsApp or imessage.


I honestly dont think its a big push more so a nice marketing ploy.

The networks know the average user now sends very little texts so they might as well look good and bundle them in


not terrible- I get the same but 5mb for 9.99

It’s a pretty decent deal, the only places you might get cheaper is retentions deals at the end of your contract. might interest you. Similar deal for £6.25, with the bonus you get money back on data you don’t use. The base price which you’ll always pay is £5 I believe.

Private message me if you’re interested for a referral link and you’ll get a month free. Plus a £10 Amazon voucher apparently.

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What do you think, Simmy?

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