Recommendations for Fintech communities on the web

Hey guys, newbie here! :raising_hand_woman:

I got my Monzo card a few weeks ago, and aside from the card processor issues we had a few days ago, I’ve been loving it. Let’s hope the current accounts come sooner rather than later, we’ve got some catching up to do!

I’ve noticed that the Monzo community forum is super active, but I’ve been on the hunt for more places across the web where people that are interested in fintech and alternative finance are hanging out to discuss their thoughts, review products etc.
So I thought, who better to ask than the lovely Monzo community? Please use this topic thread to leave comments, suggestions and recommendations for hang-out hotspots. These can be subreddits, Facebook groups or pages, blogs, you name it!


Wecome to the community Emily, glad you’re enjoying Monzo so far. I can’t think of any other sites, but I do have confidence that other members will point you in the right direction!

I can’t pass up the opportunity to promote Monzo’s subreddit again :wink:


Here are a couple of places I use:


That reminds me, the 11FS team have recently created a community for FinTech followers called FinTech Insider News.

It works similarly to Hacker News or Reddit & the users are generally discussing news in the wider context of the FinTech industry, rather than looking at it from user’s perspective as we tend to here -


the 11FS community is really active with dozens of posts every day

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I’m currently subscribed to the London Fintech Podcast by Mike Baliman - learnt a couple of things on my drive in to work :slight_smile:


11FS is great! Their blockchain insider podcast is also extremely informative

Sorry to be bumping this thread but…

I have just launched FinTECH Report which is in the very early stages. The intended goal is to aggregate all the FinTech products and services available. It is available at

To answer the original question of the OP, there is a community like this one here at

(Sorry if this is spammy, it’s not my intention)

Wow there are a lot of fintech communities out there.

I clicked on a few and they no longer exist. Seems like it’s tough to make it out there in what appears to be a crowded market.

It’s probably easier for all 3 of them to have a group chat rather than starting a forum to complain about a forum that’s complaining about a forum.

But what do I know.


Was not me (I rarely flag), but flagging can often be as much about literally flagging a post to Alan for consideration of the topic as the actual content of the text

That particular forum got off to an odd/unpleasant start by my understanding with parodies and the like of :mondo: staff, so we want to be careful about anything that can be considered promotion of such content, in line with the Code of Conduct

It does seem to have settled down a bit, but is pretty quiet right now

In this case if you mark it as ‘something else’ you can explain what the issue is and as far as I’m aware this doesn’t cause the post to get hidden.


Thanks for the suggestion of this other Fintech forum, as it did play host to parody accounts it doesn’t seem to enrich the Topic in my opinion so the flag has been reviewed. The fact that it held at least one account that parodied a Community member, doesn’t seem to align well with our own Code of Conduct.

Absolutely, if this other Fintech forum has been misjudged, I’d be more than happy to re-address this in future.