Fintech Q&As : New subcategory (forum update!)

(Simon B) #1

:wave: Hey all, welcome to the brand new subcategory for Fintech Q&A’s!
Since we’ve hosted a few now (with some awesome companies like TransferWise, Emma, Plum and CreditLadder), we thought we’d let them live in their own space for easy access! :house:

We’d love to know which companies you’d like to see do a Q&A right here on the Monzo forum - who knows, maybe we can make that happen? We’re mostly looking for companies that either already do or could potentially integrate with Monzo in the future, and companies who don’t already have their own active discussion forums :grinning:

So if you think of any company in particular, let us know!

If you are a fintech company, you can either start your own Q&A here, or if you would like us to host and facilitate, please reach out to us via DM! :grinning:

(Andre Borie) #2

We’d love to know which companies you’d like to see do a Q&A right here on the Monzo forum

Starling. :joy:


Would like if we could get flux integrated and q and a them.

(Tony) #4

Is there a reason why I get a “page doesn’t exist or is private” error when clicking on the category itself, i.e. ?


I second Flux; I visit Eat occasionally and would love to have Flux available for Monzo as soon as it can be arranged.

(Simon B) #6

Not sure… works when I click on it?

What about this one :

(Simon B) #7

I mean…


First one doesn’t work (the one Tony posted) that one does :+1:


Freetrade? @v18n :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #10

I think they started their own community now.


That’s right! :+1:t3:


Yolt, Chip, Flux.

Also Tail, but it seems the existing Tail thread has morphed into a Q&A thread anyway.


Splitwise -

Perhaps an integration opportunity between Splitwise and

(Leon) #14

Curve might be a good shout.

(Liam) #15

Especially since a co-founder of Curve is now Monzo’s Chief Operating Officer, might be good to hear from him. :smile:

(Leon) #16

So true! That’s a great point.


Online mortgage brokers, e.g. Habito, Trussle
I assume if they were to connect to your bank account they could get a better idea of what mortgages are suitable for you.

(Andy) #18

Habito is in the Starling marketplace so would be interesting to hear from them how it’s all working and if it improves the insight

(Adam Kendrew) #19

I’ve just used Trussle to get our first mortgage. Would be great to hear their thoughts on integrating with Monzo!