Fintech News and Investment opportunities

Hi all,

I’m a long time Monzo user and general Fintech enthusiast! Not quite to the same level as some on here but its great to see technology being applied to make everyday finance easier.

I have accounts with several Fintechs (the latest being freetrade which I think is great) and I’m on the waiting list for Dozens.

Would anyone be able to recommend their best sources for Fintech news and investment opportunities?

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I think it’s actually here! I have had a look for other places but here seems the best.

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Someone who used to be on the Starling forum created which is a general FinTech forum, which might be worth a look (uses the same community software as here so it’s familiar). It’s not as busy as here but I suspect it will grow in time.

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I’ve invested in a bunch of fintechs, have found out about them in four places:
On this forum or Freetrade forum
11:FS podcast (which everyone should just listen to anyway)

One note. If you invest a small amount via Crowdcube you do get additional opportunities as some funding rounds are only open to existing investors or you get pre-emotion rights.

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Thanks all. I’ve seen Finextra and have a read from time to time and scan through crowdcube etc. The podcast looks good so I’ll give it a listen.

The fintech talk community looks promising too. It does seem like most activity relating to new fintechs gets put out here or the freetrade forum quite quickly, especially with Monzo now being such a big community. It’s crazy to see how its grown.

Appreciate the replies!

Is this when you’re given permission to get excited or disappointed about an opportunity before the general public?