Concerned about other financial products

Lately I have seen a lot of other financial products “offered” here. That gets me worried about the community…

Goes as far as semi-representatives of those financial products are posting in this community about their stuff. That might be the real reason why Starling terminated their community, dunno, but feels somehow wrong. I mean, I have posted feedback about other banks too, but not in such direct way as “Hey, here is a new credit card/semi-bank/financial product, have you tried it out yet. Here is a promo code too if you decide to sign up!”.

Is there a chance that Monzo community overgrows with these kinda of “promo” posts? Is that good/bad…?

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It wasn’t, mainly because there were a lot less people on their forum (especially active), and the active people made sure the spammy links/referrals didn’t dominate - Apart from Initiative Q, which has made us all 100’s of thousands I’m sure… :joy:

I think the numerous threads on the Monzo forum about other financial products is representative of the market place - It feels like a new FinTech is popping up every week, promising this that and the other.

The vast majority are incredibly uninteresting to me, although that’s not to say others won’t find them interesting… and very rarely there is a gem that I perhaps wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The problem I see, is that you have these other FinTech threads, alongside tons of threads from newcomers to the forum with a problem about logging in, blocked accounts or something else that should be dealt with by customer support, and you are left to filter through and find the threads that interest you - It’s not always that easy.


If you look at where these threads have been posted, they’ll usually be under ‘Fintech chat’.

A lot of people here are into Fintechs as a whole, not just Monzo, so find it interesting to read about new ventures and which ones are recommended by users with similar interests and needs. So having a dedicated place to discuss those definitely isn’t a bad thing. :blush:

It’s also pretty obvious when a user has signed up just to share their link with no constructive feedback, so they’re usually flagged as spam and taken care of quite quickly by the mods. :hot_coral_heart: