R/monzo - the Monzo subreddit

I’m a bit late here but Monzo got it’s own subreddit recently

which is being moderated by @simon.

It’s a bit quiet there at the moment so I thought I’d post this, in case we have any Redditors here in the community who want to join.


It’s actually being modded by 100% of Simon’s at Monzo :wink: @simonb is on there as well…


So I took a bit of responsibility for the subreddit a couple of weeks ago, fixed up the theme, added the logo (also @hugo is helping us get the design of the page right) and we’ve already seen some decent growth!

My feeling is that there’s huge potential there with people who like being part of forum communities but aren’t specifically interested in signing up for loads of different individual forums - which is where Reddit excels. For example, most of the people who post on r/android aren’t part of any individual Android forum.

There’s also scope for great cross-posting across the different finance, tech, personal finance etc subreddits.
Happy to note that one of the recent posts on there has already become the most up-voted topic on there!

So we’ll see where we can take it - but definitely, if any of our forum members here are Redditors, go ahead and subscribe :grinning:


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