Recognise supermarket fuel stations

I can understand why it cant distinguish and its not Monzos fault but still really annoying. Hopefully supermarkets sort it out ASAP

don’t really understand why fuel payments and grocery payments cant be separated on my feed for sainsburys - I get this when I shop in the main store


and this when I buy fuel on their supermarket sites petrol station


All transactions at sainsburys are categorised as one type - if I categorise one as transport Monzo changes the other one (groceries) to that category and visa versa


  • it makes Summary, categories and budgets pretty useless really as its wrong one way or the other - did I buy petrol or bread ? , am I over budget on bread or Fuel this month ??? :slight_smile: @HughWells :slight_smile:


This is the last post I saw on the issue

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I can NOT understand! Mastercard send 4 digit code with each transaction. The regular pay at kiosk fuel pumps and the automated fuel dispensers each have their own distinct code separate from groceries.


Ah sorry i must not understand then as i thought it would see Tesco supermarket and Tesco fuel pump and just Tesco regardless!

To clear some things up a little, we used to get a lot less data about a transaction than we do now and a lot of the pay at pump systems fixed what they do send us to better separate these transactions so not having the data is no longer true. :+1:

We’d have to commit a team to it for a few weeks to bring over existing data and write an extension to the enrichment service to split categorise but we could totally do this nowadays if it’s something a lot of people wanted!


Thanks for the update @rika interesting that this is actually more recent information. Not something I had been previously aware of myself.

I think a quick browse at this community gives a good indication at how wanted this is!


Thanks @Rika for your usual clear reply. Always appreciated.


thanks for the reply @Rika - if we are to use summary , catergories and budgets in any sensible way it needs fixing- I appreciate your time constraints, but to categorise any spend at a supermarket once specified in your feed as either fuel or groceries when plainly they aren’t all one or the other makes all of the budgeting not entirely useful

I appreciate it gets more complicated when you shop and fuel up at a Tesco express :slight_smile:


I also was frustrated by the fuel issue and also have different codes for Sainsbury’s fuel and in-store. Thanks Rika for looking into this.


:raising_hand_man: Surely pretty much everyone who drives would want it


I have this issue where I fill up with petrol and do grocery shops at the same Morrisons. There was actually a bug where the store had the new logo and the petrol station had the old logo, which helped me tell them apart but all the metrics for average spends and transaction history broke and showed me the store ones regardless as to whether I viewed a petrol or store one.

These days, both have the same logo and both are just “Morrisons” and every time I shop at one or the other I have to recategorise either transport or groceries (I’ve also started adding a #petril tag to help identify them better).

The additional downside to detecting groceries or petrol is that the petrol station’s shop is open for longer than the main store on Sundays, and it’s quicker to buy stuff there than at the main shop if I just want a drink or something, so I regularly change the petrol one to groceries when I don’t buy any fuel…

EDIT: Also, it’s a lot easier to identify petrol stations with Morrisons than figuring out transaction codes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


There was a discussion about this in another thread I can’t remember which,

Alot of people said they have this problem, and I have it with Sainsbury’s.

I think one of the staff said they’ll look into this.

Very much wanted from me

Just wondering if this got anywhere @Rika has it been raised on backlog or anything?


Would like this as well so don’t have to keep changing the category on Sainsbury’s purchases

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There were some posts on this topic in Theme parks and the likes - Best approach? if anyone could move the posts over here

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Can we find out if this will be developed or not?

It almost defeats the point of having a transport catagory in the summary if one of the main spends (fuel) isnt recognised.

+1 for having it done automatically, however it’s not super difficult to go in after you’ve done the spending, or at the end of the month/week and manually change the categories for certain spends. This is how I do it at the moment.

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This and Joint Account Pots are the only thing stopping me from switching over fully to Monzo from Starling