Merchant Nicknames

Hey y’all,

I just had a thought - I have trouble trying to get petrol to come out of one pot and groceries to come out of the other, when they’re both called Tesco - but they’re technically different locations (the supermarket and the petrol pump)

Thought it would be good if you could give merchants nicknames and use the nickname as an ingredient on IFTTT?

I’d rather they fixed the issue so the transactions are categorised correctly, but I’ve added a vote on nicknames.

I still don’t know why the mapping table hasn’t been implemented so that the fuel stations and supermarkets are recognised as Transport and Groceries. It’s been using the whatever category it was last time approach for too long. I’m forever swapping Sainsbury’s Supermarket and Sainsbury’s fuel. I’ll try and find the latest thread on this but it was ages ago.

Starling fixed this issue with their app back in early 2018. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m sure I use the pump it treats it as transport, but if I have an issue with the pump and have to pay at the kiosk it comes out if my groceries budget.

I hate the preauth thing aswell. ESPECIALLY when Tesco Petrol pumps let you set how much petrol you’re going to take and limits you to that. IMO they should make that standard so you have to do it, then no more preauth. Why would anybody need it to not do that?

I wish it ‘just worked’

AFAIK the delineation between transport and groceries works correctly and has for some time.

The issue is that the likes of Tesco (other supermarkets are available!) have 2 separate “merchant names”, eg TESCO or TESCO PETROL. Pay at pumps will correctly use TESCO PETROL but there’s no guarantee that the kiosk will. How is Monzo supposed to know that you are getting petrol and should categorise it as transport, if the merchant shows as TESCO which it sees as groceries?

Best way to check this is to look at the details at the bottom of each individual transaction.

By adding merchant nicknames, as I have suggested, Tony.

Kiosks sell things other than petrol so no matter what nicknames are set, it still doesn’t identify what you bought.

I guess if you’re talking IFTTT than that’s for the individual to manage by buying the right thing in the right place.

Yeah the only way you’d reliably pull this off is with Flux digital receipting! Which unfortunately Tesco do not offer yet.

The way it works on Starling is if you are using a supermarket fuel station it’s assume transport as 99% of the time you’ll most likely be getting fuel. If you aren’t using as fuel for the majority then change the category and it’ll stick with that next time.

The key thing is the kiosk and actual supermarket have different merchant codes, which why it works as they are treated separately.

Monzo haven’t bothered to do this so if I go to supermarket and then get fuel it just sees the last category used for Sainsbury’s and puts groceries.

Starling got grief for this from the community and fixed it back in 2018, Monzos nearing 3 million so you would have have hoped it’s more crucial to fix now it’s affecting a lot of peeps.

Here’s one thread I remember reading last Aug.

:wave: @Rika can you please give an update to where this went, I’m sure you mentioned a mapping table being implemented to solve the whole supermarket groceries/transport issue?

I only generally buy petrol from petrol stations so for my use case, it’d be fine :slight_smile: And plus this isn’t the only use case