Recent payees list for current accounts

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Exactly this!


From another thread but relevant here:

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Here’s the latest update from the team -

@kieranmch’s mentioned in the developer’s Slack that

There’s a lot more work to be done on Payees, but for the purposes of the ‘big list’ we are happy with where we are :slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t see as that can be ticked off at all but okay.


So, erm, what has changed to be able to tick this off, exactly? References have been saved since 30/01/2018 (or there abouts) as per this forum post and the posts below it - Retaining references for payees


Instead of sorting out Payments, Monzo claim an earlier development finished it and have ticked it off. I know they are behind on the Big List, but this feels like a cop out.


If they are behind that’s fine, just say not all of it will be finished in time. But to tick it off is a massive cop out!

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Completely agree. It’s really not what I was thinking when it comes to payee management. I wanted to save payees without having to send them money and even change the image next to their names.

Very poor. The big list seems more like a marketing gimmick rather than a genuine attempt to make significant changes for the better.


That’s not good nothings changed as such as hoping for a proper revamp of payee managment. Why not just let us know there is a delay with this if their running behind.


Yeah, there seems to have been a (wee) bit of slight of hand with some of the Big List.

Some original timescales changed (some items said something like “we’ll do that within the next 6 weeks” - deadlines which weren’t met or commented on, but while not optimal it was kinda okay given that they were planned to be delivered in the Big List period).

It seems to me that some other stuff seems to be delayed but is ticked off anyway (I’m v happy to be corrected by those in the know, but that’s the impression I get from suddenly ticking things off when the functionality’s been present for months is that more was planned but couldn’t be delivered within the time period).

There’s a lot of love for Monzo - and they showed how to manage expectations with the comms around incoming IBANs - why not do this for everything? Or have I just got this wrong?


Have Monzo paid MSE to be featured in weekly money tips?
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Ye the payee page is still worse that halifax or natwest, not any of the functionality that I have come to expect from monzo, for that to be ticked off the big list is just a blagg.

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Yeah I would like to see a better layout. I think being able to pay by ‘Person’ would be better than just a list of names, sort codes and account numbers (similar to how the starling screen works) and I can have a number of different accounts listed for that user. Most people I know have more than 1 bank account and it makes it a pain trying to figure out what account is what.

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This is my take on things:

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This is not cool. Admit it if there isn’t time but don’t treat people like they’re gullible and try to pull the wool over their eyes :frowning:

I’m really put off that this behaviour has been green lighted by the management at Monzo, way more than I am by better payee management taking longer than expected :thinking:


I may have mentioned I’m really keen to see better payee management… (once or twice).

I genuinely see little difference in PM from when the “Big List” was announced.

However - I was wondering if someone could point me to where Monzo had said what they were planning on doing with PM?

I think I asked a few times for specifics, but no one from Monzo was forthcoming with details.

The “Big List” is one of those things that started off with the greatest of intentions (if you ignore the marketing aspect of it) - It showed people what was coming, and it was something Monzo knew customers would hold them to account for.

But the downside is when you tick off a feature that seems (judging from the comments), to be lacking, with little improvement, and you end up with a lot of hype, for little end result.

So yeah - Anyone any idea on what the future of PM holds??


I think (but I’m open to correction!) that no one outside Monzo really knows. So maybe this was what was planned all along? :thinking:

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Massive cop out — disappointed Monzo! :monzo:

I think most people would prefer you to own up and say you’re running behind shedule rather than try to pull the wool over peoples eyes. I don’t think this is what anyone had in mind when better payee management was on your to do list :frowning:

So that’s custom pay periods and better payee management seemlingly ‘completed,’ yet in reality, nowhere near completed.


Fittingly, @jaisullivan just commented with one side of the argument (the one I’m inclined to believe).

The other side is that this is absolutely all Monzo had in mind, but as I can’t find any info about what they were going to do, it’s anyone’s guess.

However, it’s not the first time a feature has been ticked off, which is far away from what the customers expect.

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At the moment, we’re going to need The Big List II :memo: to revisit and do most of the stuff that should’ve been done the first time around? :eyes:


Nothing has changed to payee management since the big list was announced on May 22. Fact. It really is as simple as that. I for one feel majorly let down.