Receiving Salary in Current Account

I’ve asked my employer to change from my old bank to Monzo, fingers crossed they recognize the sort code. Guess I’ll find out at the end of the month.

Unfortunately I’ve had unrelated payroll issues already so not too confident…

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Salary paid in with no issues, and a day early!


I kid you not we’ve thought about that kind of thing. My favourite idea was to have different “ca-ching” sounds so if multiple people have Monzo in the same office they all get different sounds that play together in harmony, like a “golf applause” kind of thing. We’ll never build it, but it’d be sooo awesome :slight_smile:


I want to give this a million likes


I’ve just looked at updating my pay to Monzo, but Monzo not found on the HR system :frowning:

Nooo, no more ka-ching! I love the idea, but ka-ching needs to die. :smiley:

I love ca-ching. +1 for ca-ching.

Off topic alert. Apologies.


Please do this, that would be epic. I love the ca-ching sound the prepaid app makes when you sign up, keep meaning to set it as my msg tone :smiley:


Tell your HR dept to update their records. Funnily enough, it’s not for them to tell you where to bank. :monzo: Monzo has a valid sort code. Tell them to get on with it.


I had the same, if it isn’t found they can normally add it manually and then raise a query with the payroll provider.

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Luckily I’ve a friend that works in the HR dept so I’m giving it a mention was we speak


Just updated HR, turns out the system we use just gets banks names added to a list manually, so they’ve done that, and I’ve just added my sort code and account number.

Fingers crossed it works :no_mouth:


Our HR system has a UI that you put in the bank yourself - its rejecting Monzo atm but they are going to try it manually

Our SAP system did not recognise the sort code but our internal SAP support team were happy to add it when I raised a ticket and I am now all setup for the next salary run…

@dlegresley out of interest, can you see the address of the bank in SAP? Where I use uses SAP but they have :monzo: old address :man_shrugging:t2:

Just tried changing mine but they don’t recognise Monzo yet so I’ve emailed and asked them to add it. Seems the Aug cut off was the 14th anyway. I have till the 18th Sep to sort it for next month.

Hi Adam, no, it just shows the sort code and account number on our system. From what little I know SAP systems differ widely!

First salary payment received into the current account - also come in a day earlier than expected! Not a fan of the amount being shown on my lock screen but no other issues so far :slight_smile:

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I think a lot of companies (mine included) credit pay a day early so that you can see it ‘available’ on pay day. Something to thank legacy banks for :grinning:


Excellent to see Hackney’s officers aren’t being overpaid and saving my Council Tax. That is annual salary, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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