Hidden salary in notifications / feed

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I’ve just switched my salary to monzo :high_brightness: and I’ve just realised that like my other transactions appearing as a notification with the £ amount my salary will to.

This can obviously cause a few issues as wondering eyes can see this information. And sadly we’re not as progressive as Norway. (I’m not sure if the details of Norway’s salary and tax visibility but I believe it’s partially generally available to all).

My idea is to be able to firstly mark your salary as salary, and then to be able to set it to not trigger notifications and be blurred out in your feed requiring a click to be visible.

Obviously this could be extended to other merchants or possibly transactions over a certain amount.


There was some discussion about this here back in Sep 2017; Receiving Salary in CA

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Ah excellent! No idea how to merge my support haha

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I’ve merged this thread into the larger one on getting your salary paid into your CA.

Let’s continue the chat there :slight_smile:

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