Receiving international payments with Monzo


Have they made it able to accept incoming foreign transfers yet or is that still on the big list?

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As far as I know it works but it’s unreliable. So for all those people who are happy to have unreliable incoming transfers, yes, it works :man_shrugging:


So it doesn’t work :thinking:


I’ve moved the international payments chat here to keep us on topic! Feel free to continue the discussion here.


I would ask you to move this back to the thread it was posted in as the narrative was related to Monzo underestimating when they should launch products - this was simply an example used alongside the chat rollout.


It was going down a specific path, focusing on a specific thing.

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Nothing’s been released yet. Whatever partially works is because…circumstances and happenstance (which is why it’s unreliable).

The thing which is being deliberately developed to handle these transfers is still in development.


How about you release things when they’re complete instead of having half functionality? If I remember correctly sending outgoing ones were added.

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As I said already, nothing has been released yet so that’s what they’re doing. :+1:

Edit: for completeness sake, they did add a basic transferwise integration for sending money, yes.


Oh well, I suppose transferwise exists exactly for this usage anyways :man_shrugging: so there’s always that.


I provide services to a European company. They send my payment to UK every month.
That is why I am still not fully on Monzo.


Sounds like you should be using a business account, maybe try the transferwise one (free) or Revolut (25£/pm) you can accept the money into your personal European IBAN and then transfer the money to GBP (probably at a better rate) and pay it to yourself using UK local account

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Hi everyone

I was just browsing the community a bit and found similar posts, but I thought, that I’m gonna ask as well.

I currently live in between London and Zurich. Shout out to fellow neighbours in the Hoxton/Shoreditch area :wink: And I went all in #FullMonzo about 2 weeks ago. All of my payments like rent, food and even salary go through Monzo.

However, if I want to receive payments from the outside of the UK, I still need to first send them to my Swiss bank account and then transfer over to Monzo with TransferWise.

Are there any plans in the near future to connect Monzo to SWIFT/IBAN? I want to bring in all the payments from my clients as well. So I go 100% #FullMonzo and not only 90% :wink:



Hey @JoelKaiLenz! I’ve moved your post here as Monzo has been doing some thinking about this - more detail in the first post! :+1::smile:

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Cool thanks! A lot of info here…

Will have enough to read for the beginning :slight_smile:


Ah, Switzerland, land of one of the best salaries in the EU.

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Switzerland is not in the EU.


EFTA, EU, not a difference to the typical person and I bet you most wouldn’t bat an eye if you said it was in the EU :man_shrugging: apologies for my incorrect wording though.

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When it comes to the EU, why bother with facts when opinions will do?

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Facts are used by experts. We apparently don’t like them anymore as a nation so we’re free to make up our own truths instead.

People in government have said so, so it must be true.