Receive international payments and transferwise

(Carlo) #1

Looking at it seems that we should be able to receive international payments using the IBAN?

How that works? Do I need to register to transferwise or this is automatic?
Also will we be able to receive non-GBP payments?

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #2

It’s just a generic page - if you look at the code it’s actually Santander UKs IBAN and BIC.

IBANs to receive payments should be here in next few weeks

(Carlo) #3

Oh ok, wow. That’s honestly confusing. Thanks.

(HH) #4

This worked for me:

(HH) #5

I also did the ‘validate IBAN’ check with the resulting IBAN number and it checks valid.

(Hugh Wells) #6

I’m afraid that only checks that the IBAN is correct (ie. it is valid) - it doesn’t verify that the IBAN is live or that it works.

(HH) #7

Can you confirm where this issue is in Monzo’s roadmap? Amazes me you didn’t start off by enabling IBAN.

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #8

This blog post confirms that it’s been delayed and won’t meet the expected release date

(HH) #9

Cheers Andy.