Receive international payments and transferwise

Looking at it seems that we should be able to receive international payments using the IBAN?

How that works? Do I need to register to transferwise or this is automatic?
Also will we be able to receive non-GBP payments?

It’s just a generic page - if you look at the code it’s actually Santander UKs IBAN and BIC.

IBANs to receive payments should be here in next few weeks


Oh ok, wow. That’s honestly confusing. Thanks.

This worked for me:

I also did the ‘validate IBAN’ check with the resulting IBAN number and it checks valid.

I’m afraid that only checks that the IBAN is correct (ie. it is valid) - it doesn’t verify that the IBAN is live or that it works.


Can you confirm where this issue is in Monzo’s roadmap? Amazes me you didn’t start off by enabling IBAN.

This blog post confirms that it’s been delayed and won’t meet the expected release date

Cheers Andy.

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