Received unknown iTunes refund

Hey guys. I’m unsure if I should be posting this here. I have recently received a refund from itunes which I’m unsure where it came from. Is there any way I can find out where it came from?


How much was it for?

It was for £13.97. I have checked my iTunes account and there is nothing at all and I have no subscriptions so I’m unsure about it. I’ve opened a dispute on it just Incase it has to do with fraud

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Feels like a phishing attempt.

It is easy to check iTunes purchases and refunds. if you clicked the link in the email, I would change your iTunes password. If you checked it your own way (via iTunes/iPhone settings for example) then you will be fine.

There was no email, I just got the notification that I had a refund from iTunes so I checked and it was in my account

As far as I am aware, Apple doesn’t send push notifications for refunds, they email you. You may get a push notification for an email which states a refund but you state you didn’t get an email. I would just check via your iPhone setting menu and if it isn’t there then ignore the notification.


I think I didn’t make myself clear. My monzo bank account has the refund and it was monzo that had the notification. I have already opened it in a help chat to put a claim on it as i am not the rightful owner.

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Why are you worrying about being given free money?

Because if i receive money that I am not entitled to and I don’t return it, I can get into legal trouble.


Hopefully iTunes will send an email today making things clearer

Might be worth chasing it with iTunes as well

Does the merchant data on the bottom of the transaction say iTunes? Just in case the icon is wrong on the feed

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No you can’t. You didn’t do anything in order to receive that money.

If I put £1,000,000 into your account and you don’t offer it back, there’s no legal comeback from me at all.

But if I don’t return money that wasn’t meant for me I could be charged with retaining wrongful credit’ under the Theft Act 1968.

I doubt for such a small amount that would happen but I’d feel icky if I had money in my account I knew I wasn’t entitled to


Do you have an iTunes account normally?

Have you bought anything recently? Cancelled a service? Complained about the cost of something? Do you subscribe to Netflix/Prime via Apple?

No. I have nothing in my apple subscriptions and all my streaming services are done direct with the company.

I know it’s a refund not a charge but this link might be helpful.

Also, bear in mind it’s been repeatedly reported on here that any charges at all relating to Apple could end up appearing as iTunes.
It could also be money you’ve recently spent and Apple haven’t completed the transaction so the money was returned to your account. That could be anything within the past month or so.

Chances are the original authorisation ran out, and it got refunded automatically and you’ll be subsequently charged.

Have you purchased anyhting for that amount (or up to that amount) recently, or have a subscription?

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You’re doing the right thing. Stick it in a pot until Monzo come back to you following their investigation.

If you’re allowed to keep it buy yourself 1,397 penny sweets :candy::lollipop::chocolate_bar: :smiley:

Then buy @Ordog some maths lessons :nerd_face:

Ahh… no! stupid phone and it’s formatting :rofl:

I’ll still take some freebies though :grin:

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