iTunes £1 and £1 refund

Hello guys

I received a notification from iTunes today:

I didn’t update any card details with iTunes.
Someone had same random card check? Or someone used my card? Thanks!

Some retailers do random active card checks, it looks like that’s what this is :blush:


I’ve had quite a few of these at random from iTunes. Seems to just randomly check if you have an active card!

I’ve had that from iTunes too recently.

How is it that some businesses take an amount usually 1p, 10p, £1 and refund, whilst some appear as Active Card Check and no money is taken?

I assume it’s cheaper to do refund approach?

Presumably old systems

Well I know if you use something like Stripe it first tries an auth of £0 and then would try £1 if that didn’t work. I’m assuming it’s the bank picking up the 0 attempt, and rather than showing as a transaction and reverse, it just shows the attempt?

Yeah, I believe it’ll show Active Card Check if they request £0 - which they really should be doing. Amazon and iTunes are terrible for this.

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These should be hidden or deleted from the spent today totals. This really messes with and skews stats.

Fraud also messes with this and is the one thing I really dislike about Monzo

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I’ve no idea what that sentence means.


The fact that pending trans actions appear on the feed even after un-postung annoys me.
They should drop off as they affect average spend and visit totals. The same
is true for fraudulent charges. Rather than disappear when reversed they stay. I understand monzo wants to provide all data transparently, but IMHO they should not factor
into spend totals, summary etc.

I’m not saying Monzo shouldn’t fix this and remove cancelled charges from your feel / average spend, but…

How often do you have fraudulent charges on your debit card? I’d imagine most people never have a single one ever, never mind having them frequently enough that it would become frustrating. If there’s fraud on your card, that would be the larger headache than your timeline looking a bit wonky.

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Not often at all, once to be exact, but I feel it is handled quite poorly compared to other banks I have dealt with.

Thanks for the clarification I now understand what you mean.

Yeah, I think this is a very valid point. If you are not responsible for a specific charge, and it shouldn’t have happened at all, then you shouldn’t be stained with it in your records. They should be completely expunged.

Out of curiosity: Do these fraudulent charges and their refunds appear on the statements?