Monzo refunds and 'Spent today' section

(Oliver Outen) #1

My iTunes refund is showing up from a few days ago! I don’t think refunds should bare any relation to the ‘Spent today’ section

(Dan) #2

The Spent Today section includes a £1.58 refund from iTunes. That balances out to £7.86.

I can understand that the label “Spent today” is confusing, though, when you actually spent £9.44 and separately received a refund.

(Oliver Outen) #3

Yeah I don’t think that refunds should be included in the spent section because it’s not spent once its a refund haha


I agree. Top-ups don’t cancel it out so why should refunds.

(Lorenzo) #5

Because when you get a refund for a purchase you made using Monzo, you didn’t actually spend that money. It might be alright for £1.59 iTunes purchases, but not for Amazon orders above £100…

It’s something that’s been bugging me with friend payments (send money, as well: I’ll often pay for something and then get the money back, but it will show up on Monzo as if I’d paid the whole thing.

I suppose bill splitting might alleviate this in the future but it’s a tricky business.

(Lorenzo) #6

Forgive the double post, but I just came up with a neat idea:

If a green (incoming) transaction is assigned to a category, it’s counted as part of the spent today, limits, spending stats, etc.

If a green transaction is assigned to general, it is ignored.

Simple enough?

(Hugo Cornejo) #7

That’s a great idea. We’ll totally do something like that to let you remove outliers at some point :slight_smile: