2 friends signed up using my link but

(Kate Wilkinson) #1

I have referred quite a lot of friends, 4 of which have signed up using my link and only 2 of which have been registered as using my link… i was sat with one of my friends when they signed up using my link but didn’t get a notification. I was hoping to get my card soon as I am abroad for a few months. Please let me know why/how this could be.

(Ben Green) #2

First off, very well done in getting so many friends. Hopefully their liking it too.

Have you contacted support via in app chat or email? I’d recommend letting them know and pass on your friends’ email addresses so they can link you up and investigate the bug further.

(Kate Wilkinson) #3

Hi Ben - thanks for the suggestion. I cannot use the in app chat because I can’t move on from the refer 3 friends screen. Also looked for an e-mail address but cannot find one… any advice or pointers?

(Ben Green) #4

Ah sorry, my misunderstanding thinking you were already a card holder.

The email address you need is help@monzo.com

(Kate Wilkinson) #5

Thanks Ben! Will e-mail now.