Receipts Scanning and Export

Setup my card yesterday and I’m already hugely impressed by the system, could I check if there is a time frame for when it will be possible to export receipts with transactions ? (Frankly don’t care what format and how it looks as I’ll sort)

Reason being I work for a TV Production Company and travel a fair bit with work and the FOREX rates make Mondo with the ability to link a receipt would save me an my teams an incredible amount of time. We would also be able to test the system in a whole heap of countries in 2015.

Team are already asking if I can get them cards as they love the idea of not needing to carry cash or having to reconcile bank charges to receipts 2 months after the event.

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Hey @ian, glad it’s going well! We don’t have a set date yet but there’s more info in this topic: Export receipts Suffice to say, we definitely want to build it and let you easily export receipts! At our recent hackathon, there were some related projects and so hopefully over the next couple of months we should have something a bit easier to use for non-technical users than the API :slight_smile: